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Introduction to WACCC Council Members – Cheech Foo

Introduction to WACCC Council Members – Cheech Foo

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In the third article of this series, we introduce our newest council member, Mr Cheech Foo.


Name Cheech Foo
Email cheech@ignitesearch.com.au
Occupation Founder / Director of Ignite Search & Ignite China


Question: Cheech, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Cheech: I came to Perth in 2004 to attend Willetton Senior High School and consequently the University of Western Australia.

It was during my university days where my love and passion for digital marketing started to blossom. At the time my brother Alex was running a successful internet venture and through dinner conversations, my interest was piqued to the potential opportunities.

Soon enough, I landed my first client, which was a pro bono project, for a family friend, a marriage celebrant. Within 48 hours of optimising her website, we were able to gain a high degree of visibility in Google for people searching for bilingual celebrants and resulted in her first booking.

From then on, I never looked back. Since then, I have had the pleasure to work with numerous brands, large and small, with some more well-known ones being Bupa, Commonwealth Bank, Lonely Planet & Toga Far East Hotels.

After working for agencies in Perth and Sydney, I started Ignite Search in 2014 and then Ignite China in 2017. The Ignite Group is a set of high-performance digital marketing and web design agencies which services clients in Australia and across Asia Pacific.


Question: How long have you been involved in the Chamber?

Cheech: My connection with the Chamber began around 2015, not long after I launched Ignite Search. I started to participate in Chamber activities, found myself in strong alignment with its mission charter, met many wonderful people, cultivated many strong business relationships, and have enjoyed being involved ever since.

I was invited to join the council and officially became a council member in October 2019.


Question: Do you have any specific roles or responsibilities at the Chamber?

Cheech: I am currently Head of Marketing & Public Relations for the Chamber, tasked with strengthening Chamber’s relationship with it’s members, sponsors and the public at large. One of my first initiatives is a rejuvenation of the Chamber’s website. The new website came online this February and we are happy with the results.


Question:  Has your involvement with the Chamber and as a council member been good for you?

Cheech: It’s been a fun journey. After attending my first few events, I found myself in excellent alignment not only with the Chamber itself, but also with its members. I’ve also cultivated many great friendships along the way.


Photo taken at ECU where Cheech was a guest lecturer on the topic of Digital Marketing

With Chinese social media celebrities in a hot air balloon, as part of the Hunter Valley Tourism Campaign


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