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Digital Resources for Social Distancing

Digital Resources for Social Distancing


(This article was prepared as a part of our eNewsletter dated 31 March 2020. Fill in the form at the bottom of our main webpage to subscribe for future eNewsletter)



During this period of social distancing, we have to rely even more on the internet for updated news, information and entertainment. Unfortunately the internet is also fill with fake news, misinformation, negativity and toxic content. With this in mind, we will share a few of our favourite internet information and entertainment resources with readers. The aim is not to educate readers (most readers will know far more than us), but to encourage readers to also share their own favourite tools through feedback (email: admin@waccc.com.au). We will publish worthy contributions and everyone will benefit from this collective knowledge and experience.


The table below show a selection of our favourite internet information and entertainment tools. Click on the icon for links to the actual site.


Tool (click icon for link) Comment

All the COVID-19 headlines, numbers and projections can be bewildering. Visit the official Department of Health website daily for latest statistics and updates. The website has a link to the official World Health Organisation website for a global view of the pandemic.



Good for up to date international news flow, particularly if you are interested in global financial markets. The site sits behind a paywall so just make do with the headlines and market statistics.



There is a treasure trove of free information through the State Library Online system. You can even use it to read most daily newspapers including The West Australian (See below article on instructions).



Use ABC iview to catch up on Australian news and documentaries.



Use SBS on Demand to watch foreign language international news and drama.



One of the most popular mobile phone music streaming app. Slowly build up your list of favourite songs and they will constantly be available at your fingertip.



State Library Online System


The Western Australia State Library Online System is free for all WA residents. Users may access this system from home or elsewhere. The system is just like the library in that you have access to vast amount of information sources including newspapers, magazines, books, movies and documentaries. Unfortunately, it is also organised like a library and it can be challenging for new users to find what they need, or even understand what is available.


To flatten the learning curve for interested readers, we set out below a guide for browsing The West Australian newspaper using the library system. Note that this system changes periodically so this guide has a limited shelf life beyond its date of publication (April, 2020). Readers are encouraged to explore once they are familiar with the basics.


Step 1: Create an account and Log In


If you don’t already have a State Library account, the simplest way to get one is to visit the Library (25 Francis Street, near Perth Train Station) and open an account. Unfortunately the library is closed currently due to COVID-19, but you can create an account online, as illustrated below. Fill in the online registration form to receive your account name and membership number via email and post.



Step 2: Locate and launch The West Australian Digital Editions


Once you’ve logged onto the State Library System, select “e-Newspapers” from the pull-down menu (place cursor on “e-Everything!+” to access pull-down menu). Then select “The West Australian Archive Digital Editions” to launch the newspaper.



For the adventurous readers: You can also view The West Australian through Pressreader, which is one of the other selections on the e-Newspaper page. There are thousands of newspaper and magazine titles available through Pressreader. Some titles not available on Pressreader (eg The Australian, Australian Financial Review) can be found on ProQuest, which resides in another section of the Library System.


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